1. xoxogreg said: "Dear Darla, I hate your stinkin’ guts. You’re the scum between my toes."
  2. binxbolling said: why are you yelling?
  3. andrewjrichards said: your handwriting is awesome! not PERFECT…. but near perfect.
  4. l3fan-0-rama said: i’m pretty sure i would know that you are an architect from this alone. or a cartographer.
  5. nailtipflips reblogged this from choronda and added:
    To everyone who told this uppity bish that his handwriting is “perfect”… YOU, TOO, CAN KISS MY BLACK ASS.
  6. nopenothappening said: So your handwriting is kind of beautiful.
  7. hugeinjapan said: This is nearly perfect.
  8. agoodstart said: your handwriting is perfect like Keara’s.