Paris is Flipping Domination

So as you may have heard, Paris is Flipping kind of dominated this local gay flip cup league over the weekend. I know, NO1CURR, but fuck you… LOOK AT THESE GIFS!

There was a King of the Table match with all of the past winners. One round I tied with some dude so there was a flip-off. A.) Look at my victory spin. B.) Look at him storm off:

Here’s a few of us one-flipping down the line (I know it’s choppy and sped up but that’s just banji effek):

And then of course we served some looks:

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    YES!! I WANT IN, IMMEDIATELY, please and thanks.
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    this has abfab written all over it… love you gurl.
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    My annual tournament is coming up….woo hoo!
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    THIS. So much this. We are kind of amazing.
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    Guys- OMG=A Gay Flip Cup league=AMAZING. My gurl, Richard, is blowing my mind with this flip cup domination. In case you...
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