"I.F.U" - Usher

After several listens to Usher’s highly mildly-anticipated (um, Raymond v. Raymond anyone? gurl stop) album, Looking 4 Myself,  I have come to the following conclusions: 

1. This is MUCH better than his previous release. He kind of lost himself while trying to … battle himself? Whatever. Garbage for the most part, IMHO. 

2. Definitely love some of the new directions he is taking in terms of music genres and production collabos. Those Swedish House Mafia tracks are sweet club bangers, as Ray pointed out. And them Danja joints is fiyah. Thank$ to the fre$h n’ heavy production, almo$t every track $ound$ $o ma$terfully fine-tuned. 

3. The first track with Will.I.Am and Keith Harris is BONK. You did not just sample “Uptown Girl” (Will.I.Am I am looking at YOU - I know it was your dumbass)!

4. WTF is going on with the title track?! So out of place. 

5. “I.F.U.” is my favorite jam, but why the hail was it left off the album and only included as a bonus track? By far the sickest beat and errybody loves some slutty lyrics.

I just want your undivided
You should let me penetrate your everything
You’ve got me beyond excited
Baby step into my room, my room, you don’t need a wedding ring
I think sex is for strangers
Making love is for the ones who plan to stay together
How about we embrace the danger
Girl I’m pretty sure when this is all said and done
We gon’ do a whole lot a…
We gon’ do a whole lot a…
… I’m Freaking You 

Now, go put this joint on your own personal “Whore Timez” playlist and go get some.  

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